Who are We?

My name is Diana, I am 23 years old. I grew up in Butea, Iasi, a small village in North East of Romania.
I am a nurse and I am passionate about human’s anatomy, non surgical treatments and physical therapies.
Since I was a child I have been in love with life. I grew up in my charming traditional village, I played outside with my neighbors and I have been friend with everybody. I also enjoyed discovering the depths of technology and my father always took care to provide us the latest innovations which might be the reason why I’m pursuing this path. Now, as life is changing constantly, it is harder to stay Up to Date, so I keep track of what interests me most, I have actually wrote a blog about this.  Check: Health, Care and Strength. 
I know I am driven by feelings and desires, but you should know that I am also skeptic about lots of things and I think this only makes me more thorough in my research and a true pragmatic, especially when it comes to making things happen.
What about you? What do you trust the most?

This online store is a place where you can find solutions to your curiosities and needs. The products are well tested, and will give you a lot of benefits  from raising self-esteem to reducing pain. We know how important it is to look and feel good. And here, we work together towards helping the evolution of human kind, both physically and mentally. Buying our products will help you improve yourself and as a bonus, it will give me a sense of purpose in following my dream. Moreover, you can rest assured for I have already done a proper research on the products and I am at your disposal for any queries that you may have regarding them. 

Thus, Probantur team works hard to provide you the best experience, the best products (quality-price ration) and professionals behind computers that are ready to respond promptly to your needs. I will be as transparent as possible, and I apologize in advance for any mistakes that may occur. We are only humans after all.

Thank you!

PS: (In case you have been wondering) I leave you with a Latin proverb, dear to my heart: 'Amore more ore re probantur amicitiae!' which translates as: "True friendship is proven by love, conduct, word and deed''.

Thank You!

                                                  -Sincerely, your friend, Diana, from Probantur
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